We've collected a few of the more frequent question here but don't worry if what you want to know isn't here - just contact us here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


q. Can you match a specific colour?

a. No problem. If you can send us a swatch of your material or the colour you want then we can get flowers to match or co-ordinate

q. is size important for a bouquet?

a. sometimes, yes. For longer designs such as a traditional shower bouquet having too short or long design can look a bit odd. we'll make sure that your bouquet is correctly sized for you and the look of your wedding.

q. Can you incorporate something special in the bouquet for me?

a. Yes no problem. All of our designs are made specifically for each bride so if you have a piece of jewellery or material say that you'd like interwoven then we'd be happy to advise.

q. How much time do you need to produce a bouquet?

a. This depends a bit on the complexity of the design. In general we'd say a minimum of four weeks but if you have something special in mind or if you want to see the designs well in advance then make sure you leave enough time.

q.Do you only work in silks?

a. No. All of the designs you see, and many more are available in fresh too but we will only be able to deliver locally to Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch.