There’s something going on…

There’s something going on…

Eagle eyed visitors will notice that at the moment the site isn't quite finished

We're having a total re-vamp in between doing weddings and to say there's been a bit of work involved is an understatement!

Although we've got loads of photos of the work that Alison does we wanted to have some better quality items on show for our customers so while Alison makes up designs, Stuart is busy turning the workroom into a photographic studio.

You'll see things changing on the site over the next few weeks. Our first priority is to get a good selection of products with great images to allow our brides to make their choices.

Next we'll be adding some articles that will hopefully help prospective brides when they are choosing their flowers.

Finally we hope to have a gallery of the photos from some of our brides to show you.

Please stick with us, it may take some time but we'll get there in the end!

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