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Need some ideas? Check out our bridal bouquet ideas for some inspiration

The traditional look is always in fashion and nothing says heritage like a shower bouquet.

Built around a sturdy frame a shower bouquet can include most types of flowers to produce an elegant design.

It's important to make sure that your sizing is right, that's why we'd always suggest checking out how big you want your bouquet to be.

If you are using fresh flowers then it's important that the piece is kept cool before the ceremony. Although the frames we use also include wet oasis to keep the flowers moist, there's only so far that will go and on a very hot day you may see some wilting if you keep the design out in the sun for a long time.


Roses are a great choice for a shower, as they tend to have strong stems and can be very long and sturdy.

Long flowing tails can also provide an impression of fluidity and these can be made with ivy and greenery allowing them to be pretty much as long as you like.


Posy bouquets


A posy style bouquet is a shorter design than the shower and many people find this more manageable.

There are different types of posies, some are tighter with larger flowers packed into a tighter head, whilst others are built in a looser style with mixed flowers interspersed with greenery giving more flowing and less formal impression.

This bouquet has been made purely with roses to give more of a ball look.

The white roses, being tightly bunched support each other making this a good design to stand up to the rigours of a long day. The short stems can even be sat in a glass of water to keep the flowers from wilting.

Although we are happy to work in fresh flowers, producing designs in silks means that we can do different things.

In this design we've used buttons and jewels mixed into the flower heads. This give almost a 'pearly queen' effect.

Over arm bouquets


For a minimal look a bouquet that consists of a very simple display of a few striking flowers is a great choice.

In this example Arum lillies are tied together with proteas and beargrass using a simple ribbon

This give a very clean look that goes exceptionally well with a minimalist wedding look.

The bottom photo shows how using a single colour but with different shades of greenery can give a very informal look. 

White roses are twinned with long stemmed freesias and then loosely tied into an overarm bouquet with ivy, tropical leaves and beargrass.