Why Silks?

The natural choice when looking for wedding flowers is to go for fresh flowers however there's an alternative, and often it's a better option for your big day.

Silk flowers have come on hugely in recent years and now they are often very difficult to tell apart from their fresh counterparts. There are also some great advantages to buying in silks and we've listed a few of these here.


Many of our brides report an allergy to certain blooms although they would really like to include them in their designs. If you have either a specific allergy or even a general one it is best to not take the chance on such an important occasion. After all you don't really want to be red eyed and sneezing on your way down the aisle!

Silk flowers don't produce pollen or natural allergens that cause a reaction making them safe for all.


When you think about all the things that go on during a wedding it's surprising that fresh flowers stand up to it at all! 

Your bouquet will have to stand up to being handled all day long, will be out of water, probably in a hot and dry atmosphere and will no doubt get thrown at the end of the day. All in all not the ideal way to treat fresh flowers.

Silk flowers of course have no need of water and really don't mind what temperature they are at. They tend to be much more robust and hard wearing and can be handled by the youngest flower girl without falling apart!


Some designs are simply too difficult to make in fresh flowers, or they'd cost a fortune if they were. Silk flowers can be manipulated in ways that fresh won't tolerate and this means that you can get exactly the shape you want without breaking the bank.

Availability and price

Flowers are mainly traded through the Dutch flower auctions. This means that they are a commodity and as such at times of greatest demand (such as Valentines and Mothers' day) the price rises massively. Try getting your wedding bouquet in red roses in the three week period up to Valentines and you'll see what we mean.

Similarly there are times of year when availability is short for entirely understandable reasons. It's difficult to find traditional English garden flowers during December for example.

Silk flower designs have no restrictions on availability and the price is constant. You want white flowers during all saints? No problem. Red roses at Valentines or yellow blooms at Easter? Again no problem at all. The price stays constant throughout the year too.


It's become more popular today to either get married abroad or have a service in one country and a blessing elsewhere to allow family to attend.

Silk flowers travel really well and you won't have to rely on local suppliers to produce the designs you want or source the flowers you like. You can also use the same bouquet for both services meaning that you n ot only save money but also are able to tie both occasions in together.


Flowers are obviously a natural product and as such will always contain a colour variation. This is fine for fairly neutral colours but if you are matching then a slightly wrong shade will ruin the whole look.

With silks we can make sure that colours match and if they don't we can adjust using some sneaky little tricks of the trade to ensure that you get exactly the colour you want.

Peace of mind

Think about your wedding day and the thousand and one things you'll have to coordinate. Will the flowers turn up on time? Will they look like you expect? Have you ordered enough buttonholes?

With silk flowers you can buy in advance and make sure that everything is just how it should be at your leisure, meaning that there's one less thing to think about on your wedding day.

Buying you wedding flowers can be a difficult and time consuming task and one fraught with difficulties. Buying from an experienced professional florist who knows how to produce the best quality silk wedding flower arrangements is the way forward.

Why not get in touch and see how we can help?


This wonderful gerbera and yellow rose hand tied bouquet is made entirely in silk flowers but it's difficult to tell the difference from fresh

Telling the difference between silk and fresh flowers is very difficult nowadays, even at close range

Incorporating other elements such as diamanté studding and sea shell detailing is often very difficult and time consuming in a fresh bouquet but in silks it's relatively easy

Getting red roses can be difficult and costly for three weeks before and two weeks after valentines. With silk flowers there's no problem as both supply and cost are constant all year round

Silk versions of pretty much any fresh flower is available and we can even create some new ones! These cala lillies hand tied with beargrass make a great wedding display

This glamelia bouquet features hundreds of individually wired petals fixed around a central rose. It's an incredibly difficult technique and almost impossible in fresh